I have an idea

You have a good idea for a new product, but do not know how you have to deal.

my product 30% cheaper
You have a product that needs to be cheaper, but don't see any possibility.
I want high quality
You have high quality standards for your product, but there's no possibility to realize this.


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Rokatec news

High-end E.N.T. treatment units

What makes a treatment unit of an E.N.T. doctor is good or not good? What are just those differences that makes it better? Jan Steven, CEO from the company Entermed, is geen […]

Not just common hinges and locks…

With nearly 30 years of experience, M-LOCKS is known in the field of high-security locks and locking systems for safe boxes, safes and doors. Niet zomaar hang en sluitwerk dus… Sinds een […]

Safe products, what everybody wants!

The collaboration between KONE and Rokatec has a long history. Since 1996 Rokatec is a partner in product development, production and assembly at KONE Door Systems. Sinds kort neemt Rokatec ook […]

Rokatec under the spell of Faraday

For months, all Rokatec employees under the spell of 'the cage'. Rokatec has started ESD phase 1. Since 20-4-2015 Rokatec is ready for the implementation of ESD. Maar […]

Sustainable Employability

Rokatec currently executing a project that is supported by the European Social Fund. The aim of the project is to improve sustainable employability of the employees. This is reflected in employees for now and in the future to be healthy, motivated, competent and productive at work.

ESF - European Social Fund

This project supported by the European Social Fund of the European Union

Unique method…

Rokatec specializes in product development and production. We use a unique method to keep costs as low as possible! Where possible, we invest with you.

Own factory in China

Rokatec is settled in the Netherlands and China. As a result, we have a wide network of manufacturers in Europe and Asia.