Grip on the environmental impact of your product

Environmentally oriented product design is important we all know. But how do you that. Rokatec works with Sustainability software that provides insight into the environmental impact of your product. With this we have a grip on the situation and we can make targeted improvements.

Production was only possible with 3D printer

A new static mixer is developed to improve the functionality of the pneumatic sealant gun. This mixer realise the same mixing quality of the glue with a lower pressure. The complicated shape of the mixer is created as one single part with the famous SLS 3D printing technique. Aanzienlijke besparingen De lagere sterkte van het gesinterde […]

30% savings on weight!

A material saving of 30% was was possible to choose a different production process. This towbar coupling was optimized by casting in aluminum. The parts were originally produced by using sand casting. By applying the right ribs to the right places the weight is reduced and material savings is made possible! The old weight of 817 grams becomes 584 grams. Zeker voor […]