For the safe transportation of cash money is long been used the "explosion suitcase". This system uses a combustion system. When the system monitors that the case is sabotaged then the money will destroyed by burning. This is effective but not without risk. In this […]

Futurent III

This treatment unit is the basic unit of an E.N.T. doctor to examine patients. The most important requirements were: Hygiene and a compact design! Every detail that could affect the hygiene was inspected and optimized. Read the interview with client. 1 2 3 4 5 What Rokatec done?Rokatec […]

Slam Lock

For value transport robust transport is used. The locks in the storage vaults of these cars must be even robust and reliable. Closing, read: slam (The name says it all) the heavy vault door creates a huge impact on the lock. In addition, the slot should do what it mainly for […]

Joystick electric wheelchair

The joystick is a product specifically designed for the electric wheelchairs branch. By using electric wheelchairs, plenty of people become mobile again. Ergonomics, reliability and durability are important in this industry. 1 2 What did Rokatec?Rokatec has been able to give this product a significant upgrade by specifically […]


The Trolley-and-ladder-in-one is a totally new product developed specifically for (kitchen)fitters who work on site. The user has both a trolley as a professional ladder at his disposal. This combination makes a significant space saving compared to a separate ladder and hand truck. This can be a valuable outcome for example overcrowded vans. The […]

Paper puncher

The paper punch is an innovative device that combines paper by punching a specific form into the paper without adding any materials. Modular cassettes have been developed for the punch knives, which can be produced in large numbers. The required accuracy of the punching blades brought a great challenge with it. 1 2 3 […]

Taxibus chair

This chair is used in taxis for special transportation of persons in wheelchairs. The minibuses are multifunctional. Extra space is available for wheelchair transport by folding the seat away. The unique and innovative aspect of this product is that the weight is significantly less than other chairs in the market. This […]

Care communication system

This product is a housing for an innovative care-communication system which is used in nursing homes. A smart balance between new technology and easily comprehensible use. The other purpose of this product was to significantly reduce installation time by the installer. 1 2 3 4 5 What Rokatec done?Rokatec the product through […]

Bike carrier

This innovative bike carrier has been developed in close collaboration with the customer. The purpose was simple: "We want the best, most beautiful and light bike carrier that exists ". The design is essential for a successful sale of this product. Here is a nice balance raised between design , functionality and weight. 1 2 3 4 5 What […]

High pressure washer gun

This pressure washer gun is a product specifically designed for professional use. Water pressure up to 2000 bar is used for cleaning tanks. The safety requirements are an important part of the development. The HD gun should be fully waterproof to a pressure of 1 bar. Further, the electrically conductive plastic handle 2K carried out for the […]