ATMs are attractive to criminals who want to rob a lot of money with very voilent explosive attacks. There are several money security systems in circulation to discourage it as much as possible. MacTwin […]

Shoe dryer

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Futurent III

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Slam Lock

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Joystick electric wheelchair

The joystick is a product specifically designed for the electric wheelchairs branch. By using electric wheelchairs, plenty of people become mobile again. Ergonomics, betrouwbaarheid en […]


The Trolley-and-ladder-in-one is a totally new product developed specifically for (kitchen)fitters who work on site. The user has both a trolley as a professional ladder at his disposal. Deze […]

Paper puncher

The paper punch is an innovative device that combines paper by punching a specific form into the paper without adding any materials. Voor de ponsmessen zijn modulaire […]

Taxibus chair

This chair is used in taxis for special transportation of persons in wheelchairs. The minibuses are multifunctional. Door het inklappen en wegkantelen van de stoel komt ruimte […]

Care communication system

This product is a housing for an innovative care-communication system which is used in nursing homes. A smart balance between new technology and easily comprehensible use. Het ander doel van […]

Bike carrier

This innovative bike carrier has been developed in close collaboration with the customer. The purpose was simple: "We want the best, most beautiful and light bike carrier that exists ". De vormgeving is […]