Project Go4Dry schoenendroger

GO4DRY Shoe Dryer

The Go4Dry shoe dryer is a new product developed by Rokatec. This shoe dryer is specially designed to clean and dry shoes . The cleaning is done with […]

Project Innobind papierpons

INNOBIND Paper punch

The paper punch is an innovative device that combines paper by punching a specific form into the paper without adding any materials. For the punches are modular […]

Project Rokatec eigen servies


This service is developed by employees of Rokatec for Rokatec. A gift from the staff for the 20th anniversary. De uitstraling van het servies is een representatie van de […]

Project Ton Kooiman duimsteun

TON KOOIMAN Thumb rest

Thumb rests are developed in close cooperation with the customer to make the use of various musical instruments ergonomically comfortable. De ergonomie is bij deze producten van groot belang […]