The Trolley-and-ladder-in-one is a totally new product developed specifically for (kitchen)fitters who work on site. The user has both a trolley as a professional ladder at his disposal. This combination makes a significant space saving compared to a separate ladder and hand truck. This can be a valuable outcome for example overcrowded vans. The […]

High pressure washer gun

This pressure washer gun is a product specifically designed for professional use. Water pressure up to 2000 bar is used for cleaning tanks. The safety requirements are an important part of the development. The HD gun should be fully waterproof to a pressure of 1 bar. Verder is de 2K kunststof greep elektrisch geleidend uitgevoerd voor de […]

Pneumatisch 2K kitpistool

This sealant gun is an innovative solution to glue easily spend two components. With a pneumatic actuator and a specially-designed static mixer the two components may be blended controlled. The aluminum main profile is executed with precise dimensions tolerances. Furthermore, the drive is in a smart way designed in a small space. Mede door het […]


These MoodWalls are designed as multifunctional and sustainable office properties. The user can decide whether these objects serve as a partition, presentation panel, whiteboard of presentation. The objects can easily and quickly changed into another setup. 1 2 3 Wat heeft Rokatec gedaan? Rokatec heeft de productontwikkeling van de Moodwall vanaf schets […]

Air valve

This air valve is an important part of a heating oven. During the baking process, moist air should be blown into the oven. With this valve, the supply of the air is regulated. The valve as before, was not reliable enough. Furthermore, the cost price of the valve is too high. Rokatec heeft mogelijkheden gezien om dit product technisch […]

Belt poulie

These projects are a good example of successful “Value Engineering.” Many gears and poulies are produced by machining. The great advantage is the high dimensional accuracy of the parts. But at the same time, it is a disadvantage of the relatively high cost of machining. Economically, casting an interesting technique that can significantly reduce the product cost. Maar het vraagt om […]