Shoe Dryer

The Go4Dry shoe dryer is a new product developed in-house Rokatec. This shoe dryer is specially designed to clean and dry shoes . The cleaning is achieved with a special ozone generator that purifies all odors in the shoe. After cleaning followed by a drying process after the shoes again completely clean and […]

Go4Dry: an innovative shoe dryer with allure

The Netherlands is well known for its windmills, tulips, their expertise in fighting and living with water, but also for its many rain showers . Outdoor sportsman are regularly faced with wet shoes, something that not only entails irritation but can also affect the shoe's lifespan. The rapid drying of wet shoes is essential to ensure quality […]

Award ceremony

After Max and Bob all the wonderful entries have been viewed Travertine Nulens declared the rightful winner of the KONE Rokatec-color contest. By making creative use of various materials, he is unanimously declared the winner. Congratulations on behalf of Rokatec and KONE!