Pneumatisch 2K kitpistool

This sealant gun is an innovative solution to glue easily spend two components. With a pneumatic actuator and a specially-designed static mixer the two components may be blended controlled. The aluminum main profile is executed with precise dimensions tolerances. Furthermore, the drive is in a smart way designed in a small space. Partly due to the innovative design and quality workmanship, is the caulking gun rewarded by the jury with a ESEF "Innovator" award.

What has Rokatec done?

Rokatec has been involved in the concept to final production and delivery of those pneumatic sealant guns.
Several complex plastic components have been developed. One of, 2 the components mixer is a complex shape which can nevertheless be produced at a low cost. There were extensive simulations to determine the effect due to the occurring pressure.

"They do not think in problems but put the problems into a solution., a high level of knowledge, communication is clear and correct, en ze zijn zo flexibel als een elastiekje. Echt een aanrader voor bedrijven die snel en flexibel willen samenwerken."

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Jan Veenstra – Support Manager Bostik BV